Apple Pie Maids—The Story

Katie Apple Pie Maids TallahasseeHi, I am Katie the owner & operator of ApplePieMaids cleaning service here in Tallahassee. I love my life & job and feel so lucky to have this career that gives me freedom, the ability for growth inward and upward, a balance of an office job but an active job and of course the chance to help so many families get their valuable time back by hiring a cleaning service.

I started this cleaning company after having an internship at a local marketing company called, Captiveyes. After cleaning the owner’s office & house for some extra cash, I realized I have a knack, not only for cleaning but delivering the right amount of it at the right time. I began a long, slow process of growing into serving almost 100 re-occurring homes & families.

We are now growing our commercial and office cleaning in which we have over 15 re-occurring businesses that we keep clean. From starting this business at the end of 2011 at age 21…until today April 2019, I grew up. I graduated college, started a full time sales job with Cellular Sales, met my husband, studied for LSATS & pondering what my future should look like & cleaned a ton, quit my sales job to focus on ApplePieMaids, then worked for my husband to make ends meet & all the while growing from the inside into the women I wanted to become.

Now, in 2019 almost 7 years into this journey, I am proud of everything we have become and look forward to the future! So thank you for those who have tried our service and to those who still allow us to serve you from 2011 to today and everyone in between! And thank you to me for believing, motivating, encouraging myself even when no one else did. And to my body for working so hard for so many hours for so many years, you now get some rest days and those are the best days!

Looking Forward, Katie


Interview With Katie:

Describe yourself in 3 words: clever/funny/silly, hardworking, straight forward (this gets me in trouble sometimes).

How does being straight forward get you in trouble: well you sometimes might seem rude or impatient or too blunt.. I am working on it though.

What are your hobbies: cleaning & organizing my house, lifting & cooking to prepare for the lifting , playing with the love of my life – my dog Stoli haha, hanging out with my favorite people: my unique little family, being outside whether it’s boating, skiing, walking or just riding around in the Jeep with the windows down & music.. but of course.. my passion is making money and building ApplePieMaids cleaning service.

Why did you start ApplePieMaids: I feel like it started itself and I just ran with it, I liked it, was good at it and saw a need for the service. Been cleaning all my life, so it just fit.

If you had any other career what would it be: either owning some other business, working for someone that has a huge creative business, or maybe a police officer, but I hope to never find out.

What motivates you in life: money used to be a big factor, I wanted to be finically secure with the ability to splurge on a nice gift or cool experience but these days having free time motivates me. So I like to work hard and efficient and be as effective as possible so I can pick the kids up and play a game or enjoy a long dog walk or rejoice doing a hobby of mine like working out or traveling.

Do you still clean: Yes, I get this question all the time. I still clean and probably always will even if I have 100 perfect cleaners. I clean because I have a cleaning company and I train while I am out there, I learn new techniques and products, I interact with the clients & recognize additional sales, etc. I aim to clean for 5 hours a week, sometimes that even means I have to bench someone.