Customized Babysitting Services in Tallahassee, FL

Apple Pie Maids ChildcareWe offer a variety of childcare help, using experienced & professional FSU students in the childcare, education, and other related fields. When you request a sitter, whether its last minute or someone you plan to use consistently, we will send you at least 2 referrals & resumes and allow you to choose who you feel best suits your needs.


“Mommy’s on the Way” Sitters

Pickup – $10 plus $18/hour with light chores

Is it tight timing to leave work as your daycare is closing to get the kids? Need someone to get Charlie from daycare/school and watch them until you arrive home? Or do you need someone to meet the kids at the bus stop and get them started on their evening routines? No minimum time.


Owl Sits

$18/hour with light cleaning

Go Ahead, Grab a drink. We gotcha covered from 9PM –until 2:15AM


Weekend Sitters

$200 – light cleaning included

Need someone to come babysit & stay overnight and grandma is busy? Saturday morning to Sunday evening. Prices may vary.


Scholarly Sitters


All ages can use some curricular help. Scholarly Sitters give your children attention and support while practicing important skills. They can help with homework, tutor, work on letters and numbers or complete any tasks with the child you or their educator has provided.


Peripheral Vision Sitter

$14/hour or $10 add-on for a cleaning

“Mom, I’m not a baby! I don’t need a babysitter!” A Peripheral Vision Sitter is here to help, for children ages 9-15+ we can ‘keep an eye on the kids’, or you can add this service onto a cleaning.


Mother’s Helper


We can come assist mom or dad at home or while running errands.


Event Childcare

$14/hour for a team of 2 sitters

Weddings, birthday parties, holidays parties, and more.


Field Trip Sitters

$15/hour plus activities fees

Let our fun sitters chaperon your children at various locations park restaurants movies sky zone local event or activity.