Office Cleanings & Commercial Cleaning:

  • Daily, bi-daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly cleanings depending on your office cleaning needs.
  • We can come during office hours, after hours or weekends.
  • Always the basics for cleaning – trash, bathrooms, kitchen, entry & lobby, floors, and surfaces.
  • We will help maintain everything else with our rotating checklist items such as: wiping trashes out, sanitizing handles, switches, keyboards and mouse’s, cleaning doors, trim, baseboards, AC vents cleaned and filters changed, light fixtures cleaned and bulbs changed.
  • Katie will come in person, to get you a quote & customize your checklist.
  • No job TOO big or TOO small! Our current office jobs range from just a one-room office in Midtown Manor, to a busy office of 2130 sq feet seeing 50+ people a day, to the Perkins House at 5,000 sq feet with multiple different businesses under one roof.

Realtor Cleanings:

  • Same day showing preparation
  • Preparing for a sale – deep all over cleaning with decluttering and organizing help (pre-staging)
  • Gift Cards for the buyer or seller or realtor
  • Move out & Move-in cleanings

Move Out Cleanings:

  • Are you moving out? Its already so much work to move, let us do the cleaning so you can focus on packing & everything else that goes into moving.
  • Inside and outside of kitchen appliances
  • Full deep cleaning in the bathrooms
  • All the fans, AC vents, doors, blinds windows and baseboards
  • All the floors cleaned
  • Inside pantry, drawers, cabinets, closets
  • Trash removal
  • OR just give us the checklist provided by your landlord and we will make sure everything is cleaned up nicely

Move In Cleanings:

  • When people are moving out they typically do a courtesy cleaning on the way out but after that and before moving in generally there are several details and some sanitizing that will need to be completed! Get us scheduled to help finalize & sanitize your new home before you get moved in.
  • Sanitize all switches, handles, surfaces, kitchen, and bathrooms
  • Wash the floors & baseboards
  • All cabinets, shelving, pantry, closets, drawers wiped out
  • Detail woodwork
  • Detail stairs
  • Clean the front and back doors and thresholds
  • Clean the garage out
  • Inside windows cleaned
  • Check all dwelling items: blinds, sill, walls, fixtures, crown molding, doors & frames
  • OR just email us a list of the items you noticed are in need of cleaning before you move in and we can quote you!

New Construction Clean Up

  • Remove window labels
  • Remove other adhesives
  • Vacuum window tracks
  • Clean windows and sills
  • Clean/vacuum cabinets and drawers
  • Dust away drywall dust
  • Wipe down all surfaces including doors, bookshelves, baseboards, trim to the molding, countertops, windowsills, tops of doors, fireplace mantles, and staircase rails
  • Clean bathrooms and kitchen areas
  • Rinse and polish all surfaces
  • Clean the floors
  • Clean the light fixtures, fans & chandeliers
  • Clean or sweep out garage
  • Wipe down front and back porches

Remolding & Construction Cleaning:

  • Progressive cleaning during remolding/ construction project
  • Clean up after remolding & construction project
  • Drywall clean up, trash removal, detailed dusting
  • Cleaning the bathroom used by construction team
  • General cleaning of the whole house
  • Detailed cleaning of any room(s) where the construction took place
  • Please provide ladder
  • We can trailer larger items to MARPAN for trash disposal